Board Meeting Minutes

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Bargaining Agreements

BACHS does not incur district paid lobbying costs.

BACHS has no collective bargaining agreements


Expense Reimbursement Policy

BACHS Board of Directors Procurement Policy

Associate Dues Paid

Dues 2016

Dues 2010

Other Reports

Deficit Elimination Plan: Bay-Arenac Community High School has never operated at a deficit, so has no deficit elimination plan.

Specific Learning Disability Information

Employer Sponsored Health Plan

Bay-Arenac Community High School does not annually request bids for Healthcare Plans

Audited Financial Statements

Approved Financial Statement 6-30-17

Approved Financial Statement 6-30-16

Approved Financial Statement 6-30-15

Approved Financial Statement 6-30-14

Approved Financial Statement 6-30-13

Operating Expenditures: 2013-2014

Superintendent Wage Transparency

Superintendent Wage Transparency 2017-2018

Superintendent Wage Transparency 2015-2016

Superintendent’s Compensation Breakdown 2015-2016

Superintendent Wage Transparency 2014-2015

Teacher/Administrator Evaluation Assurances

The 2013 Instrument, The Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson